Fort Augustus Abbey closed to the public in 1998 after more than one hundred years as a Benedictine Community. This is the latter part of that story.

Fort Augustus Abbey on Loch Ness

THE ABBEY SHOP (No longer open See INTRODUCTION page.)

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This is an historical section of the website. The shop is no longer open. Please read the INTRODUCTION page. Here one of the staff from 1998 tops up the postcard rack in the general giftware section of the Abbey Shop.

The shop is the only business activity of the monks which has survived from the boarding school days. Father Paul Bonnici, 27 at the time, steered the shop through huge changes after the school closed in 1993. Initially he had a single room and no model upon which he could base this business other than the unknown tourist market. Over the next four years he introduced more and more product ranges on both the religious goods and tourist side, but never deviated from his dual goals of value for money and unique product range.

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Over the winter of 1997/8 Father Paul created a new image for the shop. His new giftware and religious product ranges was among the finest and most comprehensive in Scotland. He had a number of ranges of pottery, a large selection of religious and classical music on cassette and CD plus products hand-made by the monastic community. Nicely framed prints complemented high quality giftware and, of course, there were some relevant souvenirs of the Abbey and the area ... but no tartan Nessies!!!

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It was intended to develop a mail order side to the business during 1999, but this was never to be.

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