Fort Augustus Abbey closed to the public in 1998 after more than one hundred years as a Benedictine Community. This is the latter part of that story.


This is an historical section of the website. The monastery is no longer open. Please read the INTRODUCTION page. The photographs show: 1. The monks' refectory; 2. The Monastic Bell Tower.ref1.jpg - 26.4 K

6am Weekday Morning Office

7am Sunday Morning Office

Breakfast in the monks' refectory between 7 and 8.30am.

9.15 Mass

10am Coffee in the calefactory (the community common room)

12.40pm Midday Office

12.50pm Formal Lunch, the main meal of the day, followed by recreation

Belltwr1.jpg - 14.8 K

3.45pm Tea in the calefactory

6pm Vespers

7pm Supper

8.20pm Compline, then silence until after Morning Office

Within this timetable there are periods for work, reading, prayer and being with each other.

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