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If you would like to understand the webmaster's thinking about the Loch Ness mystery then you should visit the Loch Ness Exhibition in Second Life. We have created a simulation of Loch Ness and part of the Highlands of Scotland in Second Life. The map is shown below:n

The map represents three simulated regions which are, from left to right, Augustus, Urquhart and Inverness City. The estate, of which they are all part, is called Scottish Highlands. The following link is the entrance to the Loch Ness Exhibition.

The exhibition begins with an explanation of the natural history of the loch, explaining why Loch Ness has such a flat bottomed, steep sided profile. It covers how the ending of the ice age affected the appearance of the loch both above and below the surface.

The real business of the exhibition deals with its most famous resident ... Nessie. However, there are no punches pulled in this presentation. Fake photographs are exposed, but along the way I show how the story developed from humble folklore origins into the media-plesiosaur-monster of today. That story, although true, is also fascinating and those who have visited my exhibition acclaim it as a Loch Ness work in its own right. Some interior shots appear below. However, the information on the wallboards is supplemented by additional extensive information in notecards which are obtained by clicking the panels in-world. All of that information can be read at the time or cut and pasted into a word or other word-processing document.

Loch Ness Exhibition Loch Ness Exhibition Loch Ness Exhibition

Our Story of Scotland exhibition is located in our simulated Fort Augustus Abbey and this hyperlink takes you to the main entrance. My work on reconstructing the abbey is very much a work in progress, but it is taking shape and now comprises the original 19th century abbey buildings, two bastion walls from the 18th century fort and a more in-character church than at the real abbey! The church is used for real services in Second Life and is well supported.Fort Augustus Abbey, Scottish Highlands in Second Life

The Story of Scotland exhibition follows very much the concept of what I did in the real abbey in the nineteen nineties. Find out more about about the abbey here as I bought the website when the abbey closed and have tried to maintain it very much in its original state.

The exhibition tells the story of our people from their Mesolithic arrival, through their Neolithic, Bronze and Iron age tribulations to the birth of Scotland towards the end of the first millennium. I then take the history through the exciting medieval kings like Macbeth and Robert the Bruce and on through the Stuart dynasty to the religious divisions of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We continue with the story through the industrial revolution and up to the new Scottish Government. Some screenshots are shown below and, as with the Loch Ness Exhibition, each information panel or artefact can be clicked to provide a massive amount of additional information.

Loch Ness Exhibition Story of Scotland in Second Life  Story of Scotland Screenshot 

So do come and visit the Virtual Scottish Highlands in Second Life. Membership is free. If you have never visited before then we recommend that you go to this location where there is a lot of help for first time visitors.

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